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Remembering Erotic thoughts dwelling from within
Sensual romantic
White wine and dim lights
Sexual music

Undressing you sensually and slowly
Awing at every curve
Gently gliding my hands upon your skin
Enticing every nerve

Touching with my hearts wish
Feeling so devilish
Candles flickering
Echoes of desire

That mouth so inviting
Eyes so tantilizing
Skin so soft
Soul completely lost

Hot aroma filling the air
Tasting and exploring you
I need your hot body
Lovely body that seduces

Yearning the taste of your sacred fruit
Touching as soft and gently as a feather
Brought to a point of eruption
A feeling that last forever

How I'd fill you with my ecstacy
Grinding deeply inside of you
That look of surprise
That look that all is brand new

Hence, that look of true love
two bodies as one
Stuck in my memory for eternity
Realizing that feeling is now gone

Written by DarkSalsero


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