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Who's Brave Enough to take a Chance?

What a fucked up world we are in,
Filled with anguish and sin.
I dont even know where to begin,
Is anyone meant to win?

My heart bleeds,
I feel I have been led astray.
Paying a price for something I did not do,
I feel so betrayed.

Why oh why is it like this?
Why is no one willing to take a chance?
What is it that people fear?
Is it the fear of happiness?

I know for me I wont stop,
I will never be a surviver.
Regardless of the wrong done to me,
I will forever be a striver.

Forever looking for the good in men,
I will never give up my seek.
Life is risk with no guarantees,
Such a search is never bleek.

For I have faith,
Something that can be never taken away.
My will is strong,
A blast bigger than a grenade.

Negativity is not in my vocabulary,
Positivity is what I want.
Heed these words my friends,
There is no fate but what we make for ourselves...


Written by DarkSalsero


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