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Holy Matrimony

I see you at the alter
Looking nervous as hell
So am I, more so than you
Years we've been it in it together
It was all worth the while
Now it's time to surrender
myself to you
And you to me

As I walk gracefully to the music
I reminisce on the time we've spent
The kisses and hugs exchanged
The precious love we've made
The dreams and goals we've shared
Now we accomplish them together

Before knew it I was reciting my vows
Saying that I will cherish you forever
In sickness and in distress
I mean every word I say, believe me
It's your turn now, with your voice
Strong but passionate

We are gazing into each others eyes
I can feel your energy
The chemistry is real
Like the time when first I met you
To this day i still feel

It is time to say "I do"
I do, I do, I do
Without remorse I say to you
"I love you" and "I do"

Holy Matrimony

Written by Dawn Robinson


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