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He didn't tell her I love you enough
He didn't her how Much I appreciated she knew my life was a lil ruff
He didn't tell her, how proud of her advancements and not voting republic
He didn't tell her...
i get it..,
I hurt you... hurting myself .. you not standing for it, I'm not standing by it and it's a fork in the road
..... one of us has to turn
He didn't tell her i miss u in hoodys and sweats
He didn't tell her he predicted this
He didn't tell her how he knew that god brought me in to make her better...
god broght her to make me better

He's disappointed emotionally disjointed because you should have spoken to me by now.

He seems awakened, disillusioned. apparently I was a "phase" ?

He doesn't trust, love, feel anymore .....

Sense some one who is supposed to care for you is distant and ignores

He see everyone as selfish
Who don't know your bday if it wasn't on fb
He says im srry
Do you care? Do you believe?

You should not be with anyone else?
Or maybe you should be if I was that bad..?!
People grow up
Grow older
Get smarter
Not perfect
Love Harder
This isn't that path... I need to create a roadblock for this journey..
Because we need to intersect...

She doesn't feel she deserved me
I Needed her and wanted her more than she knew.

He kept quiet.. she fell silent all while true love fades and gets lost into a chasm of "What Ifs" Hopes and
Dream" and "Remember?!"

I get it now.... Now it's too late to be the the point where..

I want to right every wrong
I want to write every wrong

Sing every love song... and hold my Sony radio up to the window like the 80's movie did =)

Is it too late kid?!

Thoughts of....
Hug her love her and won't get the chance cause

She...s fed up
But im not the one to let go
Im the one .. he says because he believes
And understands that all he has is to love himself and God
He says .I'm cool, alone, I'm good ... he says... and maybe one day hears her response

Written by Denzel James


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