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I Want To Dream

I wanna dream
But in order to do that I have to fall asleep
And I'm restless
I want peace but I'm biased and affected
I'm alone and want affection
Sometimes I feel neglected
I'm introverted but want connection

So I'm going to dream.
Gleam and put this all into existence.

I Can't Breathe
And you kill me with your resistance!
Your Knee on my throat will shut down my positive existence --
I need you all to be better
We will overcome these obstacles with persistent resilience
Good vibes that bring fruit
Generations that bring brilliance sooo true ..

I wanna Dream!

I see a future
I'ma see the world
Leave a legacy
Have a baby boy or girl if it occurs

I wanna take what comes to me and go after everything I want
I want to fly, soar, skies the limit
I have infinite limitless potential

I wanna breath, exhale, feel relieved
I want to achieve and be free
I want to see all the sights I've wanted to see

I'm going to relax, unwind always be kind and be reminded of the good and bad times

I want to use my gifts
I want to receive
I want to be at peace

Place me on a relaxing sunny beach anywhere
I'll lie in a hammock until I fall asleep
And I'll dream

Written by Denzel James


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