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Love People

I love people!
I'm not sure if it's for the idea of loving people or wanting people to love others more or love
themselves but in the end . . .
I love people

Love people who are all alone and think they are not worthy of themselves or being loved
For them love rains from the above falls down to our heads drips to our feet and leads us down
to the church steeple
You are so beautiful you needed to be reminded you are God's people

I love my people wish you can see the clearest vision through your third eye that's been blinded,
misguided, sometimes ghetto minded

But I love my people
realize you are a unique person, and have been hurt huh?
By the worst ones
Independant and got it all on your own huh?
Sometimes people need to be here for others to hear you ain't alone y'all
You ain't alone hun
Keep being strong bruh
Stay the course

For my queens
I love you beautiful
Lovingly crafted, one of a kind fine unusual
Please don't think those ig models are the epitome of beautiful
Please don't take those photos for likes to make you feel that you are beautiful
The machine is using you, showing you these images of momentary satisfaction to hold our

Imagine what you would be if everyday you wouldn't see what your insecurities says you are not
Imagine what you could be if you could express these God given abilities that you harness

I want you to fly beautiful,
spread your wings out in the sky beautiful
You are far from the usual
You are unique
You are a person blessed with a purpose
A big component to this larger collection of souls
You are home
You are loved
You are welcomed
I love people

Written by Denzel James


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