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Hurt and Healed

I promise I will never hurt you
I've been Hurt, but I seriously know I love you and will hurt someone for you

I've been hurt too
I've been in the struggle and you have too

Isn't it weird that at the end of the day all I think about is snuggling with you
To make you warm when it's cold
To let our love take its toll

Comfort you until we grow old because duh - I see a future woman =)
There's no arguments this is a trusted place a space for us to live and thrive our words
are our fuel that we live and thrive on - - like we are on a deserted island

Thrive on expectations and we are restricted by the limitations of our backgrounds.
Let's grow, nourish, go through, build, find a shelter with me, I guarantee I want to
make our house a home

Will you Join me?

Written by Denzel James


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