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Up and Down!

Love is blind
Love is not blind
I am blind

Like a yoyo!
You pull me up and push me down
I get enough of that
Funny I don't move…I still choose to stay
And blame my vision on love

It is all love…I think to myself?
Heartbreak part of love
To love deeply
Is to love with all thy heart
Mine is in pieces
How can it do the purpose

I get over you
No I try to get over you….. not to hard coz I don't want to
As soon as I am …I think…I am over you
There you are
Suddenly moon and stars come into view
In a second it is all dark again

Is it ever gonna shine?
Is there any glow?
Am I trying…seeking what's not there
Love accepts all pains and is patient
Maybe my love is patiently waiting for someone out there!
But I am blind…

Written by Andiswa Dontsa


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