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For you

For you,
I will do
What is needed
To proceed with
A life of eternal bliss
In love's fortress
Because I do
Really miss you
And someday wish to kiss you
I have been rejuvenated, elated, and stimulated
By how we've recreated
The term formulated
To verbalize
The look in my eyes
It expresses
My thought processes
Now how is it
that with this
State of vulnerability
I possess no humility
I do not know
Why is it so?
Like Michael "I never can say goodbye….."
Even when the conversation must die
In order to bring order
To the realistic mundane strain known as life
Its many complexities
Without it where would we be,
left with the inability
to fathom a you and me
So, what is this?
What word could explain it?
What are we?
How do we define our unanimity?
I do not know
Yet, I like it
I don't even attempt to fight it
Because I am left feeling excited
Because I am
I feel the need to be totally and utterly real
The reason its real and why it is true
That all I do
Is sweetly and completely
For you!

Written by Armanthia Duncan aka… MyVersion


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