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For Him

I am in love with your mind
One of the many sublime
Things that make you__you
So, true
To who
are what you stand for
And more
of you I'd like to stress
And suggest,
adulating sentiments that lead you to happiness
If it puts a smile on your face my mission is complete
The thoughts you leave in my head utter sweet…ness
No distress,
Actually if someone had to guess
It would lead
them to believe
That you are all I need
I just admire you, desire you, and felt
Inspired to
Verbalize, the demise of the many women
Who must now stand in line
For the turn, to earn, what they now seemingly yearn…for
I just ignore,
The fact that they now attempt to open a closed door
It is a wrap it is through
I now have you,
and understand
What a man, what a man
Got damn!
I revere your spirit,
And feel honored and elated just to be near it
You exude strength
power is your complement
Your knowledge runs as deep as the earth's core
It leaves me wanting more….. and more…… and more
Your intellect soars,
Like undiscovered land even Lewis and Clark can't explore
I truly hope this
Can explain the state of bliss
I am now in……………..because of you

Written by Armanthia Duncan aka… MyVersion


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