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Mental Intercourse

Please allow me to slip into something a little more comfortable
Something like, your mind
I'm stimulated by your kind
Because thought processes excite me
Deep and Wet with the waters of critical analytical thinking
Flowing like the rivers of time
Can I gently caress your intellect?
With concepts that I have created with mine
As I undress your thoughts with my eyes
I know what you want because imagination never lies
The truth is all in your head I know, because so
Am I
It's actually better that way
Wetter that way
Because these creative juices never stop flowing
All the while knowing
What I wanted you gave me a piece of your information
Must be intimidation that has you seemingly nervous must be your first time
Sharing your mind
Don't worry it won't hurt
But you might get addicted
Because once you get the feeling it's hard to stop no longer being restricted
By physical limitations having inclinations to, do it
Every time I see you
Not in public though,
Someone might see
But they still wouldn't know
The places we would go
How I softly licked your gray matter
As we rolled around your brain's master
Bedroom trying not to knock anything over
I know its never felt like this you never had it this deep
You feel exhausted weak
As if you were asleep
But it wasn't a dream, it's truly real just without the ability to feel
In fact we hadn't even kissed, and yet you miss
Me slowly thrusting my swollen creativity,
Deep inside your imagination rhythmically,
Until our thoughts exploded simultaneously
And we had engaged in mental intercourse

Written by Armanthia Duncan aka… MyVersion


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