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Don't make no damn sense

Crazy, lazy,
I know momma didn't raise me
To be this way
What can I say
To defend the fucked up state I'm in
There is no explanation
That I can use to excuse my situation
Unpaid bills,
credit score so low it is unreal
Creditors hastling harassing
All asking
The same question
Even try to make a suggestion
To better the state I am in
Wanna make momma proud wanna make momma proud daddy proud
Auntie proud, big momma proud family friend Mr. Johnson proud
All of these expectations attempting to live up to
No one really knows what I go through
What I attempt to carry
This shit is scary
Nothing worse than failure
I feel like I'm wearing layers
Of roles that all control me
I will make you see
Life through my eyes
Don't be surprised
To hear how I'm living
I don't need you forgiving
What I need is fire, lit under my ass
To help me successfully pass through this stagnant transition
So I may climb to an eminent position
Pull up my people along the way
Change the situation so that I may
Take my place in a future of prosperity
As for the judging and patronizing you can spare me
I know where I am and how I got here
I am the only one who can make this distorted image clear.
My ancestors have passed the torch it is my turn
To carry my people out of

Written by Armanthia Duncan aka… MyVersion


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