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Sadly Mistaken

You must think I am a fool,
Has it really become cool
To neglect, disrespect, and negatively affect
I am quite baffled by the concept!
Quite possibly it is because as women we outnumber men what 4 to 1
Yet, is it our fault are we to blame
If so it is a shame
To be placed as the victim as well the perpetrator
In my opinion there is no gift greater
Than woman, mother of life
Perpetrator, that role I must think twice
Because it is not our fault we are not to blame
We as woman must no longer live in shame
Men engage in illicit affairs
Then upon getting caught you realize how much you really care
About the woman who was there all along
How as woman do we remain strong?
Considering the cards we are constantly dealt
Trying to help a man who can't, don't, and won't help himself
He lives on the edge with no remorse, or the ability to discourse, yet hopes for recourse
Give me a fucking break
Accepting you as my man was the mistake
You for me was just all wrong
And, it is even more messed up that I knew this all along
I will wear many hats and accept many roles
But not at the expense of my soul
Not at the expense of being whole
We now chose
To no longer be fools
For granted as women we are constantly taken
But, for no longer because there has been an awakening
We have risen to a higher status and success is in the making
Tired of being sadly mistaken

Written by Armanthia Duncan aka… MyVersion


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