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Miss You

Apprectiation goes undetected
Waking moments are often neglected
Until something comes along...
Once here, now gone.

The way they laugh
The way they sneezed.
Like two negatives becoming
a positive. Bad habits become
an appreciated memory.

A smile on the face
A passing embrace
Now are cherished
What was once neglection
Is now an appreciated
reflection Words like
"I love you" stained the lips

One should cherish each moment
No one is promise "the next day"
Cherish the life that we
were given First time speaking
might be the last time to say...

As for me, I want to relive the past
Changing everything up until the point
Where I saw you last.
I would have held you stronger
Held you longer.

Now I hold on to lasting impressions
Conversations, letters, and facial
expressions A time of happiness
is deeply implanted. I wish I
never took that period of
time for granted..

Written by DyMond Cutta


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