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I Am Ready

I am ready to love again.
I am ready to share my deepest thoughts
With a lover who is also my best friend.
Fingers from opposing hands
Intertwine to signify a bond that
Only two people could share.

I am ready to love again.
To feel someone next to me
Making love without making love.

Cuddling to express my affection.
A kiss that speaks louder that words...
A heart that is willing to love unconditionally...
A mind that is absent of pride.
A mind that is absent of jealousy
And has trust in attendance.

I am ready for this world...
This world of love.
I am an Adam searching
for my Mohagany Eve
To help me create our Garden of Eden.
I am so tired of biting on
forbidden fruits and
Listening to advice from serpents.

I am not perfect but I am
Ready to love again.

Written by DyMond Cutta


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