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Next life

Not mine,
Her actions leads me like Eve did Adam,
She Taken,
Damn I was to touch her with the light on watching her from behind,
Can't have,
She got to be made of pure chocolate I need a lick,
Stay away,
The smell of her feels my wardrobes,
No holt,
Everything about her is saying enter my zone(touchdown)
Hold on,
Think of what you already have
But my Body,
Screaming to bury this bone all in that frame,
Reality check,
She not leaving what she love for what she likes,
Our actions,
Simple… we are made for one another but have others,
No way,
Friends us? She deserves my last name,
going to have a what if I met her before,
Next life,
She'll be mine
Next life,
She and I will make magic,
Next life,
Hurry up take me to my Angle,
Next life,
I'm going to waiting until she is all mine in my arms not just for one night,
Next life,
If she isn't right I don't care if I'm wrong,
Next life,
Her and me I and she are meant to be ,
Next life,
I lied she will leave what she loved I'm what she needs,
Next life,
Until then I'm still going to watch that frame daydreaming about that night special…. lights on

Written by Eazy


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