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The Minority Cycle

Why didn't you teach me anything?
I followed your lead
All I learned is to deceive
The government
To pay my rent
To fill my fridge
How do you live like this?
Did you want this for me?
How am I to find a husband to respect me?
You allowed me to be unprepared and na´ve
I feel laughs behind my back
Because I don't know how to act
Or hold a conversation correctly
Or at least sound witty while directly
Facing daily challenges of the real world
Didn't you want more for your little girl?
I'm angry you sent me out like this.
I try to rationalize and think
Maybe my Momma was sent out like this?
Maybe this is all she knows?

And I know better now
And I found my way
8 hours in and out day by day
Every 2 weeks earning my pay
I write out checks to pay my rent
No assistance from the government
My little girl looks up to me
She wants to be me when she grows up
Happy to play in my office when I'm stuck
Working late
Profit Sharing
My 1st home
I own my car
And my little star, my precious doll, my breath of air
Will never know the depths of my despair.

Written by Eileen P.


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