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Akwa Ibom, My home

Take me to where the sun is low
And where the wind is sound
Take me to where rain is dance
Where the whether is mild and gentle
Could this be on the face of this world?
Where my soul could feel at home
Where trouble is far at home
Leaving just peace to my mind
My soul has labored, and his is hungry
Where do I wind and dine hospitality
Where do I see all first-sight friends?
A place that could nourish my eye
A land which flows milk and honey
At the seasons of her abundant fruit
Where I find a pillow of music
That could sing till the sun is come
I search for a place which could
Throw my teeth open and could
Have my eyes smiling for fun
Where my worried head could rest
And my soul in sweet music
This could only be found in my home
Where my eyes could easily fall asleep
I wonder if God of creativity has
Founded this land for me,
Akwa ibom, my home, the land of promise

Written by Etebom Ekpo


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