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Crying Bird

She cries as she laid her eggs
Sorrows and tears she knew in incubation
She had to move her nest towards north
When the tree that had the nest had fallen
Pain and neglect ion she had as friends,
I wonder if you are the one talking fish,
She rolls and moves every member alone
Finally north, temporary we are home
Though sheltered, this was not her mind
She had to tour and fly, searching for grains
The chicks must eat even at her risk
For this is all I have from my music day
O! My chicks are becoming birds
Crying bird laughs her last laughter
She had become ill in field of grains
United, the chicks fought for her health
Now, the new moon had surface,
Laughing bird, the son has change her name,
Rest mom, you've fight a good fight
I'll bring the grain now for all siblings
Still hoping to see the new moon shine,
Earthquake has gotten captive of her home
Unity is now far, and trouble heavily stricken
A landslide, manifesting through a man
The nestlings still grooming the home,
My bird is finally gone without peace in heart
Life, is this how you've treated me?
Why would strangers eat fruit of my vine?
My nestlings has pointed sword to, even
The wings that flown grains for their leaving
What is the future when the history is dark?
Have peace my crying bird even in grave

Written by Etebom Ekpo


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