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I am truly an African

The man who say's, I am African,
Is not ashamed of his name
He puts on the feet of an elephant
And proud to always remember his home
He is not a man, shy in heart,
Not afraid of rain and storm
He is strong in all he does
I tell you, I am truly an African.
He is black, bold and sensible,
He is always a champion,
He is not ashamed when told,
You're from a jungle, of cause is false
When he is called, MMAMDA!
He answer's with a great shout.
He dare not changes his dress,
Just to please someone else.
He holds onto the discipline of his fathers
And passes them to his children, he
Gathers all his kids by moon light,
And tell them the secret of their parents

Written by Etebom Ekpo


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