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Someone needs a drop

Her cold freeze cloud is gone
The hot harshest sun is come
The spring has since dried by day
Tears is like song in this land of ours

The cattle drops one after the other,
The farm of grain is all gone
Our soil though heap with dongs
Has heat from the strongest sun

The children gathered around the wells,
The women blow trumpets of bells
Yet not even a drop for the tears
That has gone to the earth.

Mother watch son dry to bones
Father holds daughter up for life
But the effort seems not enough,
Day after day, another is gone

Many in plenty shades away
Many in abundance pour to dust
Yet many die, just for a drop
Still searching a drop to live

Remember in any plenty,
Someone needs a drop
Some other needs it clean
While some needs it fine and cold

You have the space of the earth,
But give nothing to some in meal
Some have a massive of grace
While some still seek a drop

What we can is good to do
How we should is what to think
Whom to give we hear in tears
Now in grace let's give a hand

Written by Etebom Ekpo


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