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Y'all Not Ready

her Sassy Stroll Sells her Strong Sense of Security and Sureness

Her Head Held High Has a Humble Holding power that others

can't Help but Heed to

Never question this Nubian's Nimble iNtellect. She's kNown for her No-

Nonsense frame

of mind

her Trendy Tone Typifies the black woman's Tried and True Technique of

Topflight Taste and Tact

Don't Dare Doubt her Definite allegiance to her Dark skin as well as her

Diligent Dedication

she Echoes the Eminence of Excellence through her Endless Efforts to

Extend Equality

You could spot a sista from a mile away

And you betta get ready, cause here she comes

Written by Eryka Patrice aka… Sugyrplum


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