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Queries of Rhetoric

Who will lead us?
Why do we need to be led?
Why can't we own up to our own shortcomings?
Why are we still being oppressed?
Why are we still trapped in that crab barrel?
Why can't you be happy for me when I succeed?
When will we stop thinking of the well-educated as "sellouts"?
When will we realize we can't go wrong with God?
Why do we only remember Him when every other option has failed us?
How much louder must our youth scream out for recognition with their rebellious actions before we stop to listen?
Why do we find such comfort and security in material things?
Why do we constantly try to mimic the mythical lifestyles we witness in music videos and movies?
Why are we so quick to chastise those respected leaders who speak out on our youth's gradual self-destruction?
What happened to respecting our elders and leaders?
Why must everything and everyone fall victim to our harsh criticism?
Why is nothing sacred to us anymore?
What happened to the sanctity of marriage and vows pledged before the God?
Why is cheating on your spouse as common as buying a new car?
Why can't we conceive the importance of unity?
Do we even know the power we would have if we stood united, instead of constantly trying to shoot each other down?
Why, when a tragedy occurs, do we feel abandoned by God, or turn away from Him?
We study His Word, but abandon it when its time for the test.
Do I really want to hear the answers to these questions?

Written by Eryka Patrice aka… Sugyrplum


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