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Untitled 11

my heart is as hollow as an abandoned seashell
the ocean's roar within its walls reflects
the silent tears that stroll down
my face
you replace
and enhance
the pain in my heart
which my
constant self-degradation
left imprinted in its corners
I debate whether or not
to suckle upon your
sugar-sweet words that
hold as much value as a
one hundred dollar bill
printed on wax paper
I caught the vapors
and choked on its whimsical
oxidic content
gasping for air
I compared you with
an image of utmost happiness,
only to find
you are equally as intangible
here I stand
in the sun bleached sand
holding out my hand
will you ever come
to take it
or will you just leave me
waiting here
vulnerable and naked

Written by Eryka Patrice aka… Sugyrplum


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