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My pitchy screams bounce wildly from the mountains
Down into the valleys and splash deep
Into the open sea
My slitted eyes send intense glares that make the birds
Shudder and flee their homes
In the trees
My stubborn stance planted firmly causes violent tremors
Below the Earth's surface shaking it
Down to its core
My angry tears soak the soil flooding out the elements
Washing them into the river like an ocean
Returning to its shore
My frustrated sigh stirs mighty whirlwinds
That instantly whisk away
Any trace of serenity
My energy is felt by all life throughout the proximity
Barreling through limitless boundaries
Into infinity
I feel Mother Nature around me and this
Moment tells me of my worth
I stand firm and allow her to speak through me
While I absorb the raspy rage of This ANGRY Earth

Written by Eryka Patrice aka… Sugyrplum


Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge