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A Tribute To Dr. Mary McCloud Bethune

Florida is writing a new song for its historical hymnal
From the humble hamlet of birth in Mayesville SC
To former slave parents
To becoming the adviser to five US presidents
Dr. Mary McCloud Bethune blazed a trail
That shines brightly even today
In so many lasting ways

Rising as a five year old laboring in the cotton fields
Young Mary knew there is something greater
That education would not lead her astray
The only one of 19 brothers and sisters to attend school
Walking 8 miles alone each way
This would begin Mary's lifelong journey
That would leave an inheritance
Destined to make an impact on the global stage
And never ever fade away

With faith in God as her bedrock
And her inner faith in herself
Nothing could make Mary stop
Being a vanguard for championing
Civil Rights
Human Rights
Women's suffrage
Being a Business Woman
World Leadership in the halls of the United Nations

As we pay homage to
This Black woman
This Black Woman
That knew not
How to drop from her sights
The goals of educating
Every Black girl and boy
To promote living life better while progress pearled

A magnificent groundbreaker
Of gigantic magnitude
Dr. Bethune spearheaded a multitude
Of change agents
Growing into movements
Resulting in creating a song of faith
That planted seeds germinating into
Flourishing moral and dignified existences
For people of colour
And all people along the way

Because of her commitment for justice
We sing songs of love
We sing songs of unending faith
We sing songs of courage
We sing songs of unparallel firsts
We sing a song of galvanizing a thirst for knowledge
That reaches into a long arm of historiological educational institutions
Organizations lifting the people she loved
Founded by Mother Mary seeking emancipation
Throughout the nation

The lasting legacy of
Dr. Mary McCloud Bethune
Will forever be woven into her dreams realized
Through faith in God
Such as Bethune - Cookman University
Residing in Daytona Florida
As the pride of Florida and America
Along with the many initiatives that
The love of people that have been afforded by
Dr. Mary McCloud Bethune's sacrifices as well as determination
Through an illustrious life of truly caring for others
Grants Dr. Bethune a place in history
Unlike any other
The likeness of this first African American woman to abide in
The United Sates Capital's Statuary Hall
This Black Queen
This Black Queen
Mother Mary
In a rare marble sculptured image form
For all to see and embody her greatness as long as time exists
She is affixed to the songs of the state of Florida's historical chronicles now
To be relished and enjoyed

There has never been
And possibly will never be another African American woman
That so much dynamic diverse strengths have been deployed

To Dr. Mary McCloud Bethune's family
I'm certain the Lord has received your ancestor's soul
Saying well done my beloved
A life of upliftment well done

Written by Everett Lacey


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