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Dedicated to Erika Johnson

Hey 'lil girl
Why is your skin so black
and your hair so nappy?
I'm teasing you now
And I strive to make
You unhappy

In case you didn't know
My skin is dark
I am the decedent of African Queens
From great ancient civilizations
With cities and center of education
Like you you've never seen
If you cracked open as book
You would know these things

My hair is kinky
That may be true
As I have the features of
My ancestors who ruled grand kingdoms
That influence the world we live in
In so many ways I can't count
If you studied your history
You would know what I'm talkin about

I may be short
Beautiful things come in small packages

In case you didn't know it
Jesus' skin was dark too
And He had hair like sheep's wool
I am not only a descendent of African Queens
Also, I'm a child of God
That deserves to be treated
With respect and dignity
Your negative vibes are just ignorance
So be done with it
And allow yourself to be enlightened
Close the door as you leave
Or open you mind
So that you can receive

I have dreams and aspirations
That I carry out everyday
Now I'm all grown up
I am a Pretty Girl
With deep rich mahogany skin
My beauty has blossomed as even
A blind person a can see
Your laughter has made me stronger
I am more confident than I've ever been
In ME being

Written by Everett Lacey


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