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If someone else
Tries to get over on me
I'm not gonna be responsible for my actions

Everybody is husslin these days
On the grind
And not always in the hood either
Many are wearing suits and ties
And white coats
I tell you no lie

They want you to pay more for less
And call it inflation
Car salesmen
Insurance companies
Rape the pockets of their folks
On the regular
Then when they finish
They smoke a cig
And peal a grape while
Laughing at suckus
Being fake

There is no limit to the things
Institutions will do too
Take your money for a ride
Down bankruptcy lane
It can be seen so plain
Promise you the world
Leaving you to wonder
Do I pay this hussla for services
Or are they doing me a favor
By doing what I make
Monthly payments for
I'd like to throw them out the back door

"The World Is A Ghetto"
No more morals
No more ethics
No more word is bound
The lack of pride perplexes me
Corruption running buck wild
It amazes me how folk think
My pockets are the cash flow for the
Keys of their front door

What's your hussle?
What do you want from me
Something for nothing?

You reap what you sow
"The World Is A Ghetto"
All you do will one day
Come out from the dark
Your hussle will then cause you to
End up under the flo

Legal or not the hussle lives on
"The World Is A Ghetto"
Controlled by the mighty dollar
There is no filter
There is no fear of going to jail
And not collecting $200
God bless their souls
That are corrupt culprits
They are going
Straight to HELL!

By the way
I've got some swamp land
In the Mojave Desert
I'd like to sell to you real cheap

Written by Everett Lacey


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