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Making Love

I close my eyes
I welcome you into my space
My body tingles with excitement
I'm yearning for your embrace
Feeling your touch
I release a soft moan
You caress my body
I'm in a zone
I open my eyes
I kiss your lips
You stroke my back
I move my hips
Can you feel my heat
Our bodies entwined
I begin to tremble
As we slow grind
In my ocean
You find my treasure
Swimming so deep
Oh what a pleasure
Kiss my body
Suckle my breast
This love you give me
Is the best
My moans grow loud
I'm about to let go
I arch my back
My juices flow
Rainbows and butterflies
That's all I can see
I feel like I'm in heaven
When you make love to me

Written by Christina Fayne


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