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As I walk thru life looking at the images in the wind.
The sound of the voices in the trees create memories that
brings me to my knees. The tears I've shed the miles I dread
my journey seems to have no end. I was born into to sin destine
not to win, but the angels graced me with Gods favor.
In the eyes of the world I do labor the burden's of those who
have come before, who caused change which allowed our minds
to explore new ways of thinking to bring us out of our dark age.
In this day of rage life takes the stage of many uncompleted
journeys. Leaving me to wonder what is my divine mission,
what was my God's intention? The innocence of adolescence
has been rubbed from my face bringing a child into this
seems as logical as flying to outer space. My future depends
on my action now if the world is a stage I feel like a clown.
As I reach my journeys mid point I realize the perfect life
is full of lies take it day by day because the past is gone,
the future may never come, o hold fast to the journey at present

Written by Telitha Floyd


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