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If I had 24
I'd drop to the floor
Pray to the lord
And thank him for giving me mad tomorrows
Then I'd visit my world
Tell her how much she meant to me and more
Hug and her and keep her warm
Like I never did before
Apologize cause I couldn't stay then I'd be on my way
Head to avenue k
And East 13th
There's something over there that really touched me
walk up to my little sister
Hug her and tell her I'll miss her
Tell my brother I'll be out
He may not open his mouth
But I'd still hug him before I bounce
Then wait til my father sleeping
Walk in his I'll creep in
Cause I know he couldn't take
the news that I would be preaching
I'll kiss him on the cheek and
Hold his and hand and cry causee I know I never pleased him
And without a word to say
Its to Farragut and 28th
The place where I stay
Hope my lil bro gets better
Then write my mom a letter
Because I couldn't look in her eyes and tell her
Leave her my favorite sweater
So something she can remember
Then hit up my home boys
Let them know I'm gone boys
And to all my Jiggz sisters
I'm may be gone but still witcha
And to my NRG family
Yall was like a side of me
Yup that's what I'd tell them with my eyes soaked
And that's how my day would go
If I had 24 to blow

Written by Roosevelt "Enigma" Fontaine Jr.


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