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Close your eyes as I take you
Beyond the sunrise
Let me take you on a ride of ecstasy
I guarantee when we've finished
You will be begging to stay next to me
Lie down and let me kiss you all over
I'll do it oh so softly being your night time lover
Starting from head to toe no spot will go unkissed
Your quiet friend will yell for my mouths attention
Wanting me to kiss, lick, and massage her
Into a deep sensation, that only the tip of
My tongue can bring to your body
As I look in your eyes they begin to tell me
That you need me inside of you more then anything
As you welcome me in you moan brings pleasure
To me completely inside and outside
Your lips wrestle mine to show how much
Emotion we feel on this sexual ride
You smile as I whisper your name you pull me deeper inside
To make sure I feel all of you hugging my dear friend
As you get closer to your goal you fight for control
Winning this battle you climb on me and show me how you roll
As I surrender my body to you only one thing runs through
My mind, am I making up a fantasy, or has my fantasy
Finally become…….A REALITY!

Written by Roosevelt "Enigma" Fontaine Jr.


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