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Yes even you

Whispers in the wind,
The softest of it's kind,
Blowing smiles across millions of miles.
To brighten the paths,
That shines with hope,
A single act of giving, sharing, caring,
Makes it all worth the while.
Over millions and millions of miles.

Far off in the distant,
Just above to the beautiful sky.
The light of heaven, shines down among us,
Beaming with a warm and heavenly glow,
You are, and everyone who believes,
Is a gift of the grandest kind.
Yes even you.
Over millions and millions of miles.

Twilight startbright guiding us along our way,
Seeking hope for a more grateful day.
Counting blessings giving to us each day,
From birth until now, what have you found?
Was it to much for you to see?
To touch,
To smell,
To hear,
To taste?
Did you have it all?
Were you blessed like the rest of us?
Yes even you,
Over millions and millions of miles.

Do you have it all?
Still wanting so much more.
Do you remember giving, sharing, caring,
The more blessings will come your way.
You longed for yesterday,
Maybe not even today,
Holding on to this moment.
For it is all you really have.
May God whisper to your soul,
And may you hear his every word,
A fare chance for everyone,
He loves all his children.
Yes even you.
Over millions and millions of miles...

Written by Joyce Foote


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