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Beautiful Moment

The most beautiful moment in my life,
Is every moment I spend with you.
When we are laying skin, to skin,
Your every touch,
Excites me so much.
I can't seem to get enough,
Of this hot passion burning within,
I can make love to you, over and over again.
As your hands explores,
Places I never knew I had.
You bring every fiber of my soul alive.
Breathing so deep,
As you take me to that magical place,
That only you can find.
You cry out my name,
Makes me go insane.
I want more and more,
Of the most amazing kiss I ever felt,
Deep into each other we both melt.
I love the way you make love to me,
Baby you make all my dreams come true.
You love me so perfectly,
And your love swells my heart.
All the love I have for you,
Is sealed within your heart.
Never to be open, for I hold the key.
Your love fills my whole life completely.
You have impacted this moment with such force,
And love beyond depth.
I'll never for as long as I live, forget...
This beautiful moment.

Written by Joyce Foote


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