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But he never came

My whole life all I ever wanted,
Was just one man to truly love me.
All of me, just for me,
But he never came...
I prayed to God each and every night,
For that special man to hold me tight.
But he never came...
Must have not been in God's plan,
No one to hold my hand.
I have such a loving life to live,
So much love to give.
I never asked for much from God above,
Just to send me that special man to love.
But he never came...
Don't understand why he won't bring him to me,
He must see something that I can't see.
I know that God knows what is best,
I wonder if this is some kind of test.
I try to be good and do what is right,
But that special man still isn't in sight.
Is this how I must live my life?
I ask myself what did I ever do so wrong?
For my heart to be so torn.
Will I ever find him?
Will he ever come my way?
I'll just keep praying everyday and every night,
For that special man to light my world,
And make it bright.
But so far,
He never came...

Written by Joyce Foote


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