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Heaven in your eyes

The day I saw heaven in your eyes,

I heard you, with such a soft voice,

Whisper the word goodbye.

I knew in my heart that it was time for you to go,

For all over you I saw that heavenly glow.

Time for you to leave me,

And it hurts me so.

I feel as if I owe you the world,

For in my life you have been my rock,

My everything.

You stood by my side from birth until the end,

You loved me time and time again.

If God gave me the power to create a Dad,

It would be you,

No doubt about it.

For you have been the best of the best,

Dad I will love you every moment that I live,

And right here in my heart is where you shall rest.

I know that I will never have the chance to see you again on this earth,

But I know that you can still hear my every word,

And Dad all I want to say, to you,

Is that, " I still love you more each passing day,

And I'll thank you always ".

Written by Joyce Foote


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