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Peace within my soul

I find peace within my soul,
My life is an open book, my story has been told.
When times gets hard, and I don't understand why,
I just close my eyes and go within,
To that beautiful place where I never been.
The ocean so clear with a crystal blue sky,
With lots of palm trees there and a lite cool breeze,
Oh how this place sets my mind at ease.
If I could stay here forever and a day,
In this most beautiful place is where I most definitely would stay.
I'll lay on the beach,
Live my life in peace,
Baste myself in the sun,
Until my life was done.
Now I awaking to a brand new day,
No sun, but rain, no crystal blue sky, but gray.
But that's alright, I'll just pray.
And close my eyes and go back, deep within my soul,
To the beginning, now my story has been told.

Written by Joyce Foote


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