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Love ends and Love begins

Does love ever fade
Can you find it in someone else
After you're gone
Does a new life begin
Loving you was so easy for me
Now I try to give it to someone new
Someone who truly loves me, for me
I know one cannot force feelings,
that aren't really there
But I try day after day
How do I know what is truly, true
What am I hiding from
Is it you
I have a wonderful man, who loves me today
And a wonderful man, who loved me yesterday
I let go, and you still linger on
I start anew, not knowing which way to go
As I begin to share my time,
and hoping to start something new
I leave behind, you
We had a lovely time
That beautiful night
some dinner, a glass of wine
We danced the night away
and at the end
He whisper " goodnight "
Kissed me softly on my lips
My eyes began to tear
In my heart I said
Goodbye to you
And hello to someone new

Written by Joyce Foote


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