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Go and Love, My Love

I love you enough
to let go, of you
with prayers
of happiness.

Hoping you'll find
the kind of love
I hold for you
in someone else.

And if I could give
just one act of kindness
before I close my eyes for good.
It would be to touch your soul
and leave my mark
in your heart.

I'll place upon your face
a permanent smile
put a spark in your eyes
and let you live, your life
apart from mine.

I have listened to your many stories
and told you all of mine.
I laughed, and shared some smiles
I cried, and shared some tears.
Sang many love songs
and we said our own prayers,
all out of love.

I'm sending you one last kiss
never felt, before like this.
One touch of my hand
to never let go.
All out of love.

what have I done for love lately,
was simply this...
I have let you go,
to love,
my love

Written by Joyce Foote


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