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"You Can"

Been down many roads in my life,
Took all the wrong turns, always came to dead ends.
But the Lord came to me in prayer one night,
And simply said to me " My loving child".
"You Can"

Turn around, follow your heart, let the life you were meant to live begin,
Walk to the end of the rainbow, reach the other side, don't let fate hide.
Go my loving child, pick the brightest star,
Show that spark in your eyes, let the whole world see.
"You Can"

Come to me in your darkest moments, it is then that you will see,
That you didn't need me at all, in your heart you have it all.
I have faith in you, and you should too,
So listen to the summer breeze, blow the winter cold away, live for today.
"You Can"

True love awaits you, no more dead end roads for you,
Don't stop believing, your dreams are coming true.
You'll soon come to realize that you never took the wrong roads at all,
Faith is all you ever needed, and it was in your heart from the start.
Just let you light shine, open your heart, your soul, your mind, my loving child.
"You Can"

You're the only one who can touch deep, deep within,
Bring your own soul alive, you can do it my loving child.
So blow those clouds away, live for today,
Let the warm sun glaze your soul and dance around the moon.
You'll win my loving child, you'll win.
"You Can"

Written by Joyce Foote


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