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The spotlight you gave to me

Your smile lights the world

and hides your pain, so well.

For it's me that you let shine,

above all else.

A gentle flower,

soft and fragile

you handle me with care.

Precious and delicate

loving me, you dare.

As I dance free

and I sing my song,

you stand by me the whole

while through.

Proudly you glance my way

As souls come alive,

from words you wrote for me.

Not once did you take my fame away.

You gave me, my special day

and stood off to the side

so no one could see.

That if it wasn't for you,

there would be no me.

So please know, that I notice

all that you have done.

You gave up all your hopes and

dreams, for me.

Just to let my light shine.

How could I ever thank you,

for loving me.

Written by Joyce Foote


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