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Baby please listen,

I need to tell you something
before I take another step forward,
in loving you

I tried real hard to find the right words
to let you know
that you are my life, my happiness
the smile upon my face,
apart of you is in every breath I take

Yeah Baby, that's you ...

I stare at the most handsome face
and into the darkest brown eyes I ever seen
and to my surprise I found your soul within,

I notice how your eyes light the pathway
to your heart,
where all my love is stored
I safe haven, it's new home

You can rest assure that I've never
felt more at peace with another,
never have I felt more comfortable in my life

Around you,
I can always be
silly me, running around in my bare feet,
giggling and laughing
while singing and dancing

Life is sweet ...

So Baby please listen
just one more time
I hope you're not tired of hearing this, but
~ I'm so in love with you ~
and these tears that you just kissed away
from my eyes
were not of pain or sorrow

They happen to be of pure joy
all from a single touch
just, one, single, touch
from your hand
that's all it took
amazing, what you can do to me

I just want to thank you
once again for Blessing my life

Loving Me ~~~

Written by Joyce Foote


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