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Unforgettable You

I will never forget the day we met,
Or all the days in between,
You were like a dream.
But with a blink of an eye,
You were gone.
It has been a lift time,
Or at lease that's what it seems,
Since we shared dreams.
We made promises that were broken,
Word left unspoken.
But nevertheless,
We fail the test.
Just couldn't seem to get it right,
But I will never forget,
All those love making nights.
I could never forget your scent,
Or the touch of your hand,
The way you spoke my name,
The spark in your eyes,
Or those luscious lips of yours.
I will remember it all,
For the rest of my life.
You my Darling...
Are so unforgettable !!!

Written by Joyce Foote


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