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black leaders

blk leaders/blk leaders
as i look at the world
i wanna scream/i wanna scream
out my lungs so loud
where are you creative genius
i need you/i need you
to take my hand/elevate
stimulate/educate/my mind
eradicate/ all the hatred
blk on blk crime
teach me/how to be a leader
a warrior/in my time
i wanna rise/i wanna rise
as the great poet
maya angelou writes/still i rise
but how can i/rise/shine
be a leader/follower
like sojourner truth/great nanny
rosa parks/when i look/when i look
into the mirror/i see/i see a reflection
of my people/rape/misuse/confuse
left with unwanted babies/homeless
and lost daddies
am haunted everyday
reliving/the lynching/hanging
of my brothers/my sisters/tired
brothers/in prison/dying
as i speak
where is the vision/the vision
that was dream for me
blk leaders/how can i/how can i
survive /be strong/stand tall/assist
in your absence
as i look at the world/i wanna scream
wake up/come back blk leaders
come back to me/for me
as my tears grows heavily.

Written by Maxine Foster


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