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i wuz thinkin

for my bro.Ibn Kenyatta

i wuz thinking/contemplating/ why violence,
poverty/ racisim/sexism/classims
and all the isms exits.
and i/feel compel/that i should/ insist a change/within
allowing/my voice/to be heard
for you/my brothers/behind those iron bars
for you/my sisters/who see life as hopeless
for you/my children/who desire to be
something great
so here i am ..a blackwoman
at this poetic moment
using the power of a pen
scribing to you/that i will/can make a difference
an advocate for you brothers and sisters
coming to you politically and spiritually correct
be aware/have faith/fight to live/and through prayer,
all the isms/will be eradicated
I wuz thinking contemplating
my brothers and sisters
on all your negativity about each other
and I had to comment/prophesizing/hoping
you will consider/be determine/have no resistance
to change
yes/i wuz thinkin/contemplating/bout you
my brothers/n/sisters.

Written by Maxine Foster


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