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When You're Gone

I will remember when you're gone
How mommy once spun your big warm
Burgundy sweater on the wrong cycle
And how close I felt wearing the new old item
Just my size with a hint of your scent
With a hint of your soul

I will remember the day mommy escaped
The danger of your huge dangerous hands
How we all jumped in on your back
and screamed
To the top of our longs
Leave my mommy alone

I will remember seeing you amongst killers and rapists
And guards and one way doors with no way out for the
Innocent until it was permitted
and I will cry

I will cry for the soldier who fought the good fight
I will cry for the father who cried at night
I will shed blue black pearls of sympathy for your plight
I will shake and sob because sometimes you weren't right
Crack induced hazes fooling you into thinking
You were a gangsta
Poor drugged out women with half full bellies
And blood shot red eyes
Made you feel like a king

I will cry because my beauty was never acknowledged
Until you felt guilty for buying some trinket that you
Obtained for your child neglecting wench
That you never obtained for me
because I was of no use
To a man
who only needs one fool or maybe two to use

I will cry for the seeds of doubt implanted in my mind
By your impatience for so long
I will cry because I know it's not true since you sought
My advice on so many things

I will cry because I miss your crooked smile
That chipped left tooth
That confident swagger
I will cry for the you
That was always there
But never appeared

Written by Carolyn Franklin


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