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It's all so new
the whistles flowing
from my lips
as I bounce with
bounce with swagger
that caffeine IV
in my hand
that whisper of love
in my tone
It's all so new

Pre-school mathematics
service center acrobatics
not one cringe
not a single one
as the desire
to scream and yell
gets caught in my throat
I offer a helping hand
and a smile instead
sugar coated persuasion
goes a long way today

but only as far
as I say
It's all so new

White Chocolate cheesecake
goodbyes and suppressed
tears for the me
I used to be

Hugs and admonitions
slit eyes with hard rock
words that have no meaning
to the messenger
let alone me
It's all so new

rollin on the asphalt
rollin to my castle of love
my prince riding backseat
provides laughter to my weary soul

An afro hits the ceiling of a royal blue
PT Cruiser
I long for my pink pillow like slippers
and I smile
because just like my cells
and my mood
and my heart
It's all so very new

Written by Carolyn Franklin


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