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underbelly of society

you think that if I wasn't here
I'd be at home
living in a lost land of unrequited
love listening to bad theme music
eating bon bons
that my man is a poison slinging
cripple to society
hope that I don't bring his ghetto
to the Christmas party

you think that I must be superman
with female parts
to be able to comb my
baby's hair on a daily basis

if only
I could stop twisting it up
all funny
and meet you and little Billy
at supercuts
you think

you think
I have some magical powers
from Africa
granting me the power
to gyrate
never mind Elvis or Brittany
it's a black thang!

you hope
I don't slip
and say
guuuurl ! during the board meeting

whisper about my bipolar disorder
when I shed my permed hair
for a teeny weenie afro
hope I don't act a fool
when you provide
your constructive feedback
on my performance
since you're looking for
lack of

you hope I don't scare
the clients away
a predator in a neighborhood
by the conservative
politically correct
with one black friend
you think
and I think
and you lose
over and over again

Written by Carolyn Franklin


Mr. Africa Poetry Lounge