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Unlimited Passion

Good morning my sweet:
Sunshine greets us as our souls awake
just to embrace a brand new day
A day to explore unseen boundaries of love
Your kisses fill me to the
True realm of unexplored sexuality
I venture to know your soul
Open your heart and let me in
I will love you unconditionally...
Nipples harden as the heat intensifies
Throwing us into a whirlwind of lust
Roaming our bodies, to only enter on command
I seek out true men, warriors and noblemen
who can sense my royalty
And fill me with directions for I
Am lost within your mind, body and soul
I see only you, I feel only you
I know nothing but passion, lust and desire
and I yearn to fill this void
For, I will forever be possessed
With....Unlimited Passion

Written by Ebony Queen Freeman


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