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Horror At Midnight

Midnight, darkness fills the room
Her heart sinks, fillled with gloom
Visions of demons dance in her head
Making her wish that she was dead
He walks into her room and demands her pride
She screams "No" under the tears she cries
He steals her essence and walks away
Not giving a Damn about the price she'll pay
He tells her lies and messes with her head
The only prize he wants is in her bed
Her body can't stand his pressure, his weight
She becomes rigid, filled with hate
He laughs as he drinks his beer every night
Trying to keep his lustful ways out of sight
She is scared and begains to shut down
She no longer smiles, she always wears a frown
When you look into her eyes, they are filled with fright
Knowing her demon will return....It's Horror At Midnight

Written by Ebony Queen Freeman


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